Master NLP Course – NFNLP Certified

Master NLP course is for the practitioner who has completed NLP Basic course and graduated upon completion the course and decided to add more skills and mastery their professional life in order to succeed and enjoying it by adding two more  levels of a Mastery of a whole powerful techniques and practical skills to reach their goals!

This is your chance to register in this course to become much more confident and powerful practitioner with this skills and tools in addition you are going to learn and practice during the course!!

Master NLP course requires minimum 32 hours of training of face-to-face sessions in class, homework and practice.


Course Contents:

Success Track.* Personal Trance Words.*Rapport.*Split Consciousness. *Meta Programs.-Toward / Away From.-Internal / External.-Matching / Mismatched.-General / Specific.-Once / Several Times.-Independent / Team Player.-In Time / Through Time.-Contemplative / Action-Oriented. *Rapport. *Mirror Neurons. *Basics of Natural Theory of NLP. *Magic in Plain Sight. *Sub-Modality Distinctions. *Strategies. *Logical Levels. *Magic Words. *Embedded Commands. *Analog Marking. *The More the More.* Story Telling. *Softening. *Stop. *Don’t & Forced Choice. *Logical levels. *Compulsion Blow Out. *Computer Swish. *Secret Sentence. *Instruction. *Strategies. *New Behavior Generator. *Logical Levels. *Healing States of the Masters. *Grieving Pattern. *Drop Down Through. *Pre-Grieving Loss. *Animal Pattern. *Nested Loops. *Accelerated Learning. * Self-Esteem Quick Fix. *6 Step Reframe. *Kinesthetic Swish Exercise. *Auto Pilot to Success. *Eye Movement. *Waking Hypnosis Bypass. *Awareness Pattern. *Temporal Pattern. *Spatial Pattern. *Cause & Effect Pattern. *Language Patterns.


Upon completion of this course you will be certified as Master NLP Practitioner with the National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NFNLP-USA).


Dates: Thursday & Friday 10/11 May From 6pm – 9pm.
Saturday & Sunday 12/13 May From 9am – 4pm.
Thursday & Friday 17/18 May From 6pm – 9pm.
Saturday 19 May From 9am – 4pm.

Course Fees: $1,100.


SPECIAL OFFER: 750$ special discount for anyone who has taken the hypnotherapy course at EM Center.


A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to reserve your place at the time of registration. The balance of $600 is expected on the first day of the training.


Cancellation policy: You may cancel up to the first day of class with a refund of any fees paid, minus the $500 nonrefundable deposit.


Certified Trainers (NFNLP & AUNLP): Eliane Mezher, CH, CI & Dr. C. Ashy


Bio: Eliane is a Certified NLP trainer (NFNLP), Certified Instructor (NGH), Certified Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Holistic Life, Career & Executive Coach. Her determination, ambition, passion and family spirit are key factors in her business life. She is a renowned therapist working with individuals as well as in group sessions.

Kindly confirm your attendance by contacting 03 – 218 212 or by sending an email to


Spots are limited so early sign up is recommended.

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